VANISHA LOGO-01Working with businesses and clients from all over the UK here’s a few that I have worked with:

Aruna Bhagwan Business Gateway Business Adviser Vanisha is a great Social Media Manager, Social Media is a great tool but sometimes you need hands on help and guidance. That’s where Vanisha is really good at working with you sharing quick tips for using Instagram more effectively, like making use of your locations, using hashtags, using stories. Vanisha is a natural communicator and excellent at guiding you through the process and showing you how to present content and the impact it can have on raising you profile and getting more followers.

Julie Christie-Clark Graphic Designer Vanisha is just so lovely, kind and approachable. Even though we have never met in person or even spoken on the phone I feel I have got to know here so well through messages on Social media turning into a real friendship. She is so helpful and generous with passing on her extensive knowledge in all things Social Media. She really is an expert at what she does. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Vanisha, she is my go to for help and advice, always!

Jit Chauhan 7Events Charity  From knowing Vanisha for a number of years, I have recognised her thirst for challenges and supporting others whether that be through her charity work or occupation. We attended her successful coffee morning which raised money for LOROS. She supported 7events constantly and took part in the first Snowdon walk in 2017. Her enthusiasm was infectious through all our training sessions whilst she also gave support to those who were unfamiliar with what was required in the challenge. All in all, we can say it was fantastic to have taken part in events she ran and those which she took part in for 7events. We look forward to working further in the future!

Indy Essence Went to a social networking event where Vanisha was giving social media tips to us small businesses. Vanisha kindly answered one to one questions too. Highly recommend Vanisha as she is very professional and friendly.

Preeti Bhachu Vanisha and I had a virtual meeting to discuss the ins and outs of social media to help me with my business. I loved her approach, her enthusiasm and her friendly manor. She gave me some amazing points and we had a great discussion. Her feedback, resources and follow ups after our meeting have helped immensely. I am a Make Up Artist based in London and I definitely recommend Vanisha’s services.

Cosmetology Hub I would like to say thank you for being so helpful and supportive in bringing out my creative side. I’m finding it fun writing content and sharing information. Firstly unlocking my creative side to make posts, write content and keeping to regular posting. I learnt tips and tricks to gain more followers, build relationships with small local businesses. Since our training my Instagram followers have gone from 293 to 321 in less than a week I know its not much of a difference but that’s all through regular activity.

Prana PA Services Vanisha was super helpful, from the friendly laid back and approachable nature on the call to knowing what you need and the steps to put in place to reach your business goals.

Bright Owl Copywriting I had an Instagram session with Vanisha and found this to be extremely informative. I gained a deeper insight into this platform and how to use this effectively for my business. Vanisha has a very friendly approach and takes the time to understand your needs.

Help the Homeless Leicester I have been watching Vanisha use Instagram and I had to get in touch with her as she’s really creative and consistent on her account including stories so after getting in touch as a charity we were given some incredible advice on how to use it more effectively and how to increase the visibility of our posts and how to be creative with stories. In just a few weeks we doubled our followers and we are really pleased. Thank you so much for your help Vanisha so far, we would highly recommend her.

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