Social Media Training

Social Media Training

For most businesses, spending time on social media can seriously eat into their working day. However, it’s really important for your business to have the right exposure, especially if you want to raise your profile online and find new customers. So, why not pass this task to someone who not only knows exactly what posts to create, but who can manage your social media on your behalf? I provide a range of social media services specialising in Facebook and Instagram. If you would like to manage your own social media, I also offer training sessions. I regularly support charities with their social media, including the Rayaan Brown Foundation and Help the Homeless Leicester.

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Social Media Training
Feel like you need a bit of help when it comes to social media? I provide training sessions for businesses on Facebook and Instagram to help you make the most out of these social media channels. I offer one-to-one and group sessions, which are always tailored exactly to your business needs. “
Extremely informative; gave me an insight into how Instagram works and how I can utilise this platform for my business” (Louisa Sando- Bright Owl Copywriter)

8 Week Programme
After working with clients for a number of years, Vanisha found clients would always book in a follow up session to progress and make an impact on their Social Media.

Therefore the Up level your Social Media 8 Week Programme was created! This allows you to work closely with Vanisha whereby you will look at your brand message, see what is working well, learn the importance of visibility and how you can ensure that you do this, learn tips and tricks of how to save them, create a strategy, plan 6-12 months worth of content, and smash your Social Media platforms! 

After just a couple of weeks, clients have already had incredible results!I am really enjoying the social media training so far. I’m really learning a lot, and it’s things I’ve put off for so long, as I didn’t quite get it, it’s really nice learning and doing tasks with your guidance. And I love that you send me the notes so I have them all stored on my laptop.” Anieela Arshad

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