Social Media Training

For most businesses, spending time on Social Media can seriously eat into their working day. However, it’s really important for your business to have the right exposure, especially if you want to raise your profile online to find new customers and clients which is exactly what I talk you through in my Social Media Training sessions.

social media

Power Hour
During these calls I teach you how to make a bigger impact on Social Media so you can: save time, attract dream clients, grow your audience and make more sales!

1:1 Coaching
My bespoke 8 week Coaching Programme allows you to work closely with me so I can look at your Social Media platforms, advise on what changes need to made and more!

You will learn the importance of visibility, why using video is key, how to save time, create a strategy, plan 6-12 months worth of content, and smash your Social Media platforms!

If you’re feeling confused and want to show up consistently to really make an impact on your Social Media then, this is for you! 

After just a couple of weeks, clients have already had incredible results!I am really enjoying the Social Media training so far, it’s nice learning and doing tasks with your guidance.” Anieela Arshad

“I completed Vanisha’s 8 week programme and LOVED IT, she gave me so much information and direction. With the training, I’ve scaled up my business and understand how to make an impact on my customers and potential customers. Vanisha’s been lovely to work with and tailored the course to what I wanted to learn.” Emma Graham

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